In the video, Alan Kent explains the different merchant listing experiences supported by Google Search, which include product snippets, popular products, shopping knowledge panels, and image search. To be eligible for these experiences, Google requires rich product data which can be provided through structured data on web pages or a Google Merchant Center feed, or both. To ensure that the structured data is correct, Alan recommends using the merchant listing report in Google Search Console, fixing any issues found, and checking the URL inspection tool.

Product pricing can be complicated, and it’s important to periodically review the Google documentation on pricing models to make sure your site’s pricing is supported by Google Search. Shipping information is also important and should be checked using a site query or the Merchant Listing Report in Search Console.

Eligibility for merchant listing experiences also requires product identifiers such as a GTIN, MPN, or brand and product name. To check if these identifiers are present in your web pages, inspect the structure data markup and check the Merchant Center report in Google Search Console. To fix any issues, add a supported form of product identifier. Alan advises checking the online documentation for the current capabilities and keeping an eye out for updates.