We will help your website to be found on Google


Everyday 000’s of NZer’s use Google to find services and products that they are after.


We place your offer in front of them.




Did You Know?

  • Over the last 10 years the Internet has gone from a geek filled hobby to an almost essential daily activity for thousands of New Zealanders
  • More than two-thirds of Kiwi’s have access to an Internet-enabled computer or mobile device
  • The Internet allows everyone to easily research products and services, send and read mail, read the latest news, do their banking, and even participate in their hobbies.
  • Never in the history of the world has such an amazing advertising medium been available for small and medium businesses.
  • Our Simple plans get you in front of cash ready customers who are actively searching for YOU.


 Get Started in 3 Easy Steps


AdvertiseOnline-step1Click The ‘Join Now’ Button Once you click, you will see a short payment form where you can enter your payment details. We use Paypal as they are one of the leaders in online payments and are 100% secure. 
 AdvertiseOnline-step2Fill In A Short Order Form You will need to enter your personal information and business details. Once completed you will gain access to your Project Area where we will get you setup. 
 AdvertiseOnline-step3Setup Completed We aim to have all setups completed within 3 – 4 weeks depending on the speed of your response to any questions we ask. 

Advertising on Googleregisteredtm

Google offers you the opportunity to have your offer prominently displayed on their search network.  Once someone searches for something you offer, we can have your advert displayed in a featured position on the page. Ultimately this means more cash in hand customers for you.    


 Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.

Need to know more…


signup today logoA website is great, but if no one goes to it, at the end of the day it is a waste of space. Without advertising your site can become a small store down the side path on a quiet street.

This store may look the best in town, but if no one knows about it, reality would state that it will only supply goods / services to a few dedicated fans and will most likely struggle to survive.

The Internet however levels the playing field. It now does not matter where you are located, you could be in the middle of New York or in the back streets of Gore and still sell to the same customers. And if you do this right the little store in Gore can easily outsell or generate more leads than the ‘fancy’ store in New York.

This is perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Internet age, however it all comes down to knowing how to best market your business.

As with any form of marketing, Internet marketing is a numbers game. The more targeted people you can get to your site, the more likely you will make a sale. However unlike traditional marketing you can actually track, modify and analyze the true cost of each targeted visitor. With this information you can find the perfect marketing mix that makes you the most money.

If for every dollar you spend you make $1.50 back, how much would you spend?

Most people would keep going…

All you need to do is find that perfect mix then rinse and repeat it. While doing this you continue to scale it up until your profits go through the roof.

The problem with the Internet is where do you start?

The options are almost endless and new fads come and go in an instant… That’s where we come in.

With over 10 years online marketing experience we can make the most out of your Online presence



Why Advertise Online?


Reach – 2/3 of NZer’s  are now Internet connected. If you are not in front of them you are missing out

Targeted – Target by keyword and Geo Location. 

Engaging – Our optimized landing pages have been built to get you more leads for less cost

Measurable – Easily track your adspend and ROI

Cost Effective – Online advertising usually costs less per lead when compared to other media


adwords_qualified_pro_500-300x300Your account is managed by a Google AdWords certified professional 

Your account manager has passed multiple exams that assess their product expertise. They are qualified to help you grow your business on the web using Google AdWords.


Choose the package that suits you:

plan 171x300 1

Standard Start advertising online  50 Laser Targeted Keywords, 2 Campaigns, 6 Split Test Adverts Suitable for adspends up to $1000 per month

Premium Build up your client base  100 Laser Targeted Keywords, 5 Campaign, 20 Split Test Adverts Suitable for adspends up to $2000 per month

Ultimate Take your business to the next level   300 Laser Targeted Keywords, 10 Campaign, 40 Split Test Adverts Suitable for adspends up to $5000 per month


Even More Features…

All of our packages include:  

Landing Page Optimized (To fit in with Google’s TOS)
Free Adwords Voucher to get you started
(Currently $100 after the first $25 of paid clicks – new Adwords customers only)
An automated setup to minimise your CPC
(cost per click)
Split testing of adverts to maximise your ROI
(Return on investment)
A large negative keyword list – Saves spending money on wasted clicks
Statistics + more…




(prices exclude GST are charged 4 weekly in NZ dollars )
* All Prices are in NZD
* Minimum term is 52 weeks
* Above prices do not include monthly adspend
* Above prices are only avialable to our current customers
* Google is a registered trademark of Google Inc
* All content / sites / Niches must comply with Google TOS