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Email marketing made easy

If you have a website but are not gathering leads

you are missing out

stat email campaignIf you are an online business owner, or an offline business owner with a web presence, you should have some form of email marketing in place.

While some people have proclaimed email marketing (email in general) to be on life support, the numbers tell a diferent story…

74% of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications via email (merkle)

66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result f an email marketing message (Direct Marketing Association)

91% of consumers check their email daily (exacttarget)

It is safe to say that email marketing will be here for awhile…

One of the best things about email marketing is that it can act as your 24 hour salesperson. No matter what day of the week, or time of the day, email can be sent.

Better yet, it can be automated.

You could be sitting at a family reunion, enjoying a drink, and with a proper email marketing funnel set up, you could be greeting a new lead, sharing some helpful tips to build trust, and making sales!

…all without you doing anything.


With the right autoresponder sequence set up!

An auto responder sequence is a number of  email messages that are pre written and then drip fed to the people on your email list (your subscribers)

Using an autoresponder is a great way to build your business. This type of service can be viewed as part of your sales team, it can work for you around the clock!

An autoresponder service is an easy way to send out your emails, newsletters, promotional material and more to your customers. It is a crucial part of any business and if you are just starting out it should be one of the first things that is setup.

After trying many of the commercial autoresponders out there, we decided it was time to put something better together. Our new email system has been set up with ease of use and email deliverability in mind, and we would like to offer this service to you. 

small amazon ses

Reliable Delivery
Amazon SES runs within Amazon’s proven network infrastructure and datacenters. Outgoing messages are stored redundantly across multiple servers and datacenters to provide high availability and data durability.

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Target only those customers who want to hear from you 
Automated List Cleaning – Bounces, complaints and unsubscribes are automatically handled in real time once your newsletter is sent. There is no need for any manual post campaign cleanups.


mail automation

Easy List / Lead Management
Manage lists & subscribers easily with Sendy. Mass import/delete subscribers, custom fields, single/double opt-in, custom subscribe/unsubscribe confirmation page, thank you/good bye emails, subscribe form (takes a deep breath), you name it!


hands off email campaigns

Full Hands Off Campaign Options Available
Too busy to mange your campaign, we can do it all for you. Complete setup > list handling > email creation > auto sending. 



email autoresponder cost effective

Big Boy Features, Without the HUGE Price Tag
$5 per 1,000 emails sent (first 10,000 are free) – We have been setup to make keeping in contact with your customers cost effective. 

  • Full Setup – Campaign setup, List Setup, Form Creation
  • Form integration with your site – (We will need access to your site to do this)
  • Suitable news letter design built to suit your business – Emails sent from your own email address and include your logo / contact details
  • 2 relevant emails created per month – We create high quality compelling content and send it to your subscribers
  • First 10,000 emails included per month
  • Additional emails $5 per 1,000 sent
  • User Account Access – Your own login area to view your campaign, update your details and see how everything is tracking
  • Ability to broadcast your own messages – Lets you promote a special, share a news story, or just want to keep in touch

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The first 10,000 emails per month are free

Additional emails available for $5 per 1,000 sent

Minimum term is 6 months