This video explains Google’s approach to indexing topical search results from Twitter, which indicates the growing trend of many people using the micro-blogging platform as a social search option. Google actually does not treat Twitter results any differently than other types of content. Tweets and replies get indexed in much the same way. If a noticeable number of users link to one particular tweet or message, it will catch more of Google’s attention and rank higher on a search results page. This kind of ranking system reflects Google’s emphasis on social clout among content creators across all types of online platforms.

More links equals more credibility and value according to Google’s algorithms for all types of content, including brief messages limited to 140 characters or less. The core of a particular Twitter message and the number of links to it are both subject to the same basic scoring methods. Search results come from Google crawling all types of different content, from web pages to social media profiles to individual tweets. There is no special or altered methodology involved for Twitter or any of the other lesser-known micro-blogging sites out there.