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If you’ve been thinking of setting up a website for your business, organisation, sports team, or you just want to get your product or brand out there, then stop and pay attention!

For a short time only, we have a simply amazing deal that gives you the chance to create a sharp, professional website for less than it costs to fill up your car!

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Operating since 2002, We are the professionals who build sites that work for a price Everyone can afford.

Your new website will give your organisation the opportunity to promote your services, even while you sleep…

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Deal Terms & Conditions

Terms Conditions

1. To redeem your coupon you must click the Join Now button located at the bottom of this page and complete everything in full
2. The first 3 months are free + we allow 1 month free to allow for the design of your site
3. Continuation after the first 3 months is via an annual contract with payments payable by monthly installments
4. All site contact is via our free Project Area (set up once you fully complete the Join Now details)
5. To ensure your site is created quickly you must respond to any questions we ask promptly within this project area.
6. Logo / images for your website must be supplied within 7 days of submitting the order form.
7. Hosting starts from when the domain name is first hosted, or a tmp url is set up.
8. To purchase a domain name you must meet the AUDA domain name Eligibility Criteria

If you are Not Harnessing the Power of the Internet and
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The Internet is here to stay and online spending is increasing as consumers lives forever get busier.

Online spending is ready to skyrocket and Cyber Monday 2010 confirmed this with the U.S. market alone spending over $1 billion for the first time. Even more remarkable is that  Cyber Monday 2011 had an increase of 22% over the previous years record. Imagine what 2012 will bring!




pie chart256Get Your Piece of a $16 Trillion Dollar Market

By 2013 there is a conservative estimate that eCommerce transactions will be worth more than $16 trillion dollars. So what is a trillion dollars? Well, it’s a million million. It’s a thousand billion. It’s a one followed by 12 zeros. This is a serious amount of cash…






numbers512I Thought the Internet Market was Already Saturated?

After researching the market place we discovered some amazing data. The amount of Small / Medium business who have a web presence is astonishingly low. The stats below relate to businesses with a web presence, so the number with a fully working eCommerce shopping website is far lower than this.


businesses with website webshot


No Technical Skills Needed!

Why waste countless hours working out how to change php code or set up a hosting account? WebShot takes care of all this and more.
If you want to get your hands dirty but get stuck we are here to help with FREE email support and easy to follow help documents.


We have Totally Shredded the Rule Book

with our Low Cost yet Fully Featured Web Site Design Packages.

How Does It Work?


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We use PayPal as they are one of the leaders in online payments and are 100% secure

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You will need to enter your personal information and design details. Once completed you will gain access to your Project Area where you can talk directly to your dedicated designer and send images / text to us.

webshotsteps3Site Completed
We aim to have all sites finished within 3 – 4 weeks depending on the speed of your response to questions. Your site is not finished until you are 100% satisfied.



Templates Available

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* minimum term 52 weeks with annual renewing contracts
* Prices listed in AUD
* Our Standard Terms and Conditions Apply