I don’t know about you, but I download a lot of apps – mostly free but some are paid. Periodically, I have to go through and clean out my iPad and other devices because I have so many apps it’s sometimes hard for me to navigate through them all. Plus, they slow down my mobile operating

Anyway, the other day I was cleaning out those apps I never use anymore and I was left with a core group of relatively new apps that I find myself going back to time and time again.

Here then – in no particular order — is my list of the coolest new Android apps that I use all the time. Incidentally, all of them are currently available on Google Play:


This is the year that everybody is rolling out a fitness app. From FitBit to iPhone’s Moves, tech companies suddenly think we all want to know how many steps we take per day and whether or not we should eat that last maple cruller in the Dunkin’ Donuts box (Spoiler Alert: You shouldn’t!).

Tribesports is Android’s new fitness tracking app that comes complete with a GPS tracker. It’s pretty much the same as most of the other fitness apps available today, but it’s still pretty cool. It logs how far you’ve run, walked or cycled. It keeps track of the fitness classes or sporting events you participated in. And it even gives real-time stats and can chart your progress (or in my case, lack of it) in handy, neat looking graphs.

This app comes with thousands of workouts that other people within the Tribesports community can share online, including detailed instructions about how to do specific exercises, workout plans, diets, and so on.

If you’re looking for a good, reliable fitness app that gives you everything you need to keep your weight loss or fitness plan on track, you should definitely check out Tribesports.


If you are still into Words with Friends, you should know that that app is soooo 2013! Today, trivia is the cool thing to do. And QuizUp lets you match your wits against your friends in trivia smack-downs online from wherever you are. You can even face off in trivia battles against total strangers located all over the world.

This is a really hot app right now. In its first week of release, it was downloaded by more than a million users!


You wouldn’t think that an app that served as a pocket calculator would be all that exciting. And, well, maybe it’s not. But it’s one that I use all the time.

Now, I get it, most smart phones come with a calculator built-in. But CALCU performs all the same functions, but also allows you to change to various themes and screen colors. It also lets you look at your calculator tape, or all the calculations that you’ve done historically, which can be pretty handy when you are balancing the checkbook or calculating how much you spent on gas last month (two things I actually just did using CALCU this morning!).

If you want a cool-looking calculator and a whole lot more, CALCU is the app for you. Too bad it doesn’t come with a plastic pocket protector!


Did you ever wonder where your Facebook and Instagram friends were getting all those “Throwback Thursday” photos or resurrecting stuff they posted online from years ago? They’re probably using Timehop, an app that collects all of the stuff you posted using your smart phone on Twitter, Instagram and Twitter then replays them for you whenever you want to see them.

It’s like having a little time machine right on your smart phone.

So that’s it, my new favorite Android apps. See you next time I clean out my smart phone screen!