Search Optimisation

Content creation + posting + link building

Why do this:

Google loves new fresh content so this is a great way to boost your search rankings.
Over time Google will see that you site is active and growing. they will start to list your site higher in the search listings

What we do:

One of our content editors will create new content (ie articles etc) specifically for your website and add it to your site.
Once the new content has been added to your site we submit it to a variety of different sites to help it get noticed
We recommend at least 4 new lots of content per month, however it can be a lot more than this if you would like


On the Internet they say ‘content is king’ and this is one of the best long term strategies to ensure your site is a success.
Adding content to your site is one of the best ways to get better search results long term.


This is a long term strategy so you can not expect results instantly.